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Hunter Young
Hunter Young

Healing The Child Within: Discovery And Recover...

Inner child healing believes that the answers lie deep within. The consequences of a wounded inner child and pain must be heard. With help, the client can get to know their emotional hurt, heal, and embrace an authentic life (Jackman, 2020).

Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recover...

Becoming more aware of the inner child through therapy or a personal journey can help unearth that pain and ultimately offer healing. Acknowledging the inner child involves recognizing and accepting things that caused pain in childhood, bringing them to light to understand their impact now (Raypole, 2021).

This article introduces the idea of inner child healing and some of the tools that can either help in therapy or when walking the path alone. Try them out on yourself or with your client to form a deeper connection with who you are now and start healing the child within. 041b061a72


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