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Best Lexus To Buy Used

Lexus offers a lineup of reliable, refined, and efficient crossovers, SUVs, and cars. Its reputation for reliability is such that a used Lexus model is a sensible purchase. Lexus puts an emphasis on driving comfort, which trickles down to all of the following vehicles.

best lexus to buy used

Earlier, we had learned from a Toyota mechanic about the origins of Lexus and whether or not Lexus is just a glorified Toyota. Today, that same mechanic---with years of experience working on Toyota and Lexus vehicles---comes to us with his recommendations on the best used models of Lexus for used car shoppers, as well as his selection of the worst models that should be avoided because of occasional blips in Lexus engineering and design.

Timothy Boyer is Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Lexus, just like its parent company Toyota, has a solid reputation in the automotive industry for its reliability. That said, you have to understand that no car is perfect because humans, who have no shortage of mistakes, make them. So, even though Lexus prides itself in making some of the world's most reliable cars, buyers can still end up with a shoddy Lexus. This is why, as someone looking to get good value for your money, going for a used Lexus is often better than getting a brand-new one.

Related Link: Ranking The Best Lexus Cars To Buy UsedA well-maintained used Lexus will take the guesswork out when making buying decisions, as you will have a good knowledge of its reliability before you let go of your hard-earned cash.

Since used-car buyers are really big on reliability, we put that and other relevant factors like performance, design, and safety into consideration when compiling this list. On this note, here are the best Lexus models to buy used (2 we'd stay away from).

Lexus outdid itself with the release of the CT model from 2011 to 2017. The CT is a uniquely styled 5-door hatchback that makes use of gas-electric drivetrain technology by Toyota. The rationale behind the CT's eco-friendly construction was to attract Millennials, but it did more than that, by bagging the award for the most reliable car to buy used in the United Kingdom, with over 99.5% reliability rating by owners.

One of the reasons people opt for a used car is to save money, but they often leave out fuel consumption when evaluating a vehicle. The Lexus IS 250 is the most economical version, consuming only about 9 liters of petrol for a 100 km ride.

If you are looking for a large, luxurious SUV for your family, the 2009-2017 Lexus LX is well worth your consideration. With each model year enjoying a stellar reliability score, the U.S. News naming the 2011 LX as one of the best family SUVs is a no-brainer.

A search on Car Complaints, which is a site where used car owners file complaints about their cars, reveals that the 2016 Lexus RX 350 model year has the fewest complaints. Most of the complaints are regarding interior accessory issues as opposed to engine issues, which is a good thing.

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Unfortunately, the Lexus LS 460 was plagued with some problems early in its release. Since this is a relatively new model of Lexus, that can be a big problem for people looking for used models since more recent releases seem to be doing a lot better than the older ones.

According to one report, the acceleration issue was so bad that he hit the tree and caused significant damage to the LS 460. For some reason, Lexus has failed to issue a recall for this particular issue.

J.D. Power was so impressed with the RC that it got a reliability rating of 88 out of 100. To this day, this is one of the highest reliability scores given to this type of vehicle. The latest Lexus sports coupe also fascinated the participants of the Auto Express Driver Power survey. In a 2019 survey, they named the Lexus RC the best model overall in terms of reliability and build quality.

Due to the versatility of this SUV, the RX has received numerous Vehicle Satisfaction Awards and Best Resale Value Awards. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also named the Lexus RX a Top Safety Pick. Also, for several years in a row, the Lexus RX was called as the best midsize Premium SUV, with an average reliability rating of 90.

Generation after generation, the GS offered one of the highest quality and reliability ratings in its class. Several times, J.D. Power awarded the Lexus GS as the best midsize premium car, due to its wide range of features and durability.

The most recent Lexus GS generation is also among the best Lexus vehicles ever produced. RepairPal ranks the Lexus GS as the 3rd (from 30) most reliable luxury full size cars, citing lower maintenance costs than most rivals in its class.

Yes. Most Lexus vehicles retain their value better than Acura, Infiniti, and several European competitors. For example, the Lexus GS and the LS were recognized as having the best resale value in their class.

If you are in the market for used Lexus SUVs in Colorado Springs, we can help. Let's take a closer look at all 2012-2018 used SUVs from Lexus to find a model that suits your needs. Our Lexus SUV comparison will look deep into the standard amenities, safety ratings, and average price paid on each model.View Used Lexus SUV Inventory

If you want the best used Lexus SUV with a hybrid powertrain, you can't go wrong with the 2018 Lexus RX 450h L. It has the same standard features as the previous model but features a longer body and three rows of seats.

When looking for the best Lexus SUV for the money in Colorado Springs, you can't go wrong with a GX 460. It has a lower price and is considered one of the most affordable of the used luxury SUVs. Looking at the 2018 Lexus GX 460, we see the following specs.

If you desire the best Lexus SUV for a lower cost, the five-passenger NX 200t has a lot to offer. You will find a smooth ride and substantial acceleration. Look at the specs for the 2017 Lexus NX 200t.

One question remains. What is the best used Lexus SUV to buy? It depends on what you are looking for in your vehicle. Whether you want the best used Lexus RX 350 or another model, we have some options. Here are our picks for the overall best buy, most affordable, most standard features, and highest safety rating.

It's true. You can find some at a budget-friendly price from the vast selection of used Lexus SUVs for sale in Colorado Springs. To do this, you might need to choose a model that is older and has more miles. However, all Lexus SUVs are known for their exceptional reliability, so even with higher mileage, these SUVs will continue to provide the performance, dependability, and luxury you desire. Please browse our inventory below and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.Used Lexus Inventory Under $15,000Used Lexus Inventory Under $20,000

While brand-new cars are fun to own, they may not always come under your budget, and affordable ones might not have the necessary features and specs you need. In that case, purchasing a used car is a better option. Buying a pre-owned car has many advantages apart from being easy on your pockets. You get some great functionalities or elements, and the models are readily available at pocket-friendly prices. If you want to purchase a well-maintained used car near the Concord, California, area, then keep reading this blog. You can head to Lexus of Concord to buy used cars in Concord CA and explore a wide selection of models available in good condition. You can explore a great range of used models from different brands at our dealership.

At the Lexus of Concord dealership, you get top-quality used car models at excellent prices. We offer a vast range of pre-owned cars or sedans for shoppers. Our inventory includes a variety of models from the Lexus line-up, like the ES, RC, IS, etc. We also carry pre-owned cars from brands like Kia, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and more. Some models are even as latest as 2021 manufactured. Our dealership keeps each used car well-maintained for sale. They are thoroughly inspected, carefully repaired, and completely cleaned for our customers to feel like they are purchasing a new car. In short, you get the best value of any used car at our dealership.

Interested in buying a used car? Visit us at Lexus of Concord in Concord, CA. You can also browse our online website inventory for more details. Also, remember to schedule a test drive of your favorite used model to understand what the model offers. Our team shall be glad to help you pick the perfect match!

Last year's full redesign has kept the Lexus NX relevant in the highly competitive compact luxury SUV category. Crisp exterior styling and a thoughtfully designed cabin combine for a luxurious and modern look. The luxe experience continues behind the wheel as the NX glides on the highway with a minimum of road or wind noise. There's enough power for confident passing, but even in its more aggressive F Sport trims, the NX isn't a performance machine. Its most impressive numbers are its fuel-economy ratings, as the hybrid version delivers 39 mpg in mixed driving. Comfortable seats, good forward visibility, and well-placed controls make for a pleasant front-row experience. The rear seats are much tighter, but the cargo area is spacious and easily accommodates several large suitcases. The optional 14-inch touchscreen is a worthwhile addition as it displays clean graphics and offers numerous options. Lexus touts its wide array of voice-activated features, but like most of these systems, it takes practice to get the best results. 041b061a72


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