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Season 22004

After the season, judge Ian Dickson left the series, though he would return for Seasons 5 to 7. The 2004 season was also notable for an Asian contestant named "Flynn", who sang the Freestylers song "Push Up" after being found from a terrible audition, in the same vein as William Hung.

Season 22004

Casey Donovan finished in first place for the second series of Australian Idol. She blew the judges and her fans away with powerful renditions of songs such as "Symphony of Life" and "The Special Ones". She came close to elimination twice when she landed in the bottom two during the Top 6 and the Top 4, thus making her the only winner of Australian Idol to date that has enden up in the bottom group on more than one occasion. All other winners were in the bottom group only once, or not at all. She scored four of Mark Holden's touchdowns during the Top 30, the Top 8, the Top 5 and the Top 3. Casey and season 4 winner Damien Leith hold the record for the most touchdowns at four apiece. After Australian Idol Casey was signed to Sony BMG and she released a number one single and released a platinum selling album. She is no longer with Sony BMG but released an EP independently in 2007 and plans to release an independent album in the near future.

Angeline (Angie) Narayan (aged 26, from Brisbane, Queensland) was placed twelfth in the contest. Auditioning for Australian Idol in the Gold Coast, she performed Disco Inferno by The Trammps which blew the judges away with her soulful, R&B voice. In the semi-finals, she performed Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools and the judges said it was the best performance of that night and she was the first contestant from her group voted through to the top 12 the next night. At the first top 12 live show, she performed A Touch of Paradise by John Farnham, which left the judges a bit disappointed by her performance. Angie told them that she has been suffering from the flu. She was eliminated the next night.Angie, like Dan O'Conner, was not featured on the season 2 contestant's cast album. Why only the Top 10 were featured on the album is unknown.

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